My work is inspired by nature: organic forms, organic remains and organic processes. 

I am interested in the unusual and unexpected and enjoys playing with the expectations towards what jewellery is supposed to be. The replacement of classical materials with organic matters - earth and plants, feathers, rose thorns, sea urchin shells or human hair - challenges traditional understandings of value and preciousness.

The Crescendo Series are driven by the idea of creating living pieces of jewellery - wearable gardens - that interact with their wearers. The pieces are unfinished and changeable; they evolve, depending on the attention given and on natural processes that influence their never final appearance.

If we understand gardens as heterotopias, places where the laws of everyday life do not apply or where they may be exceeded, this is also how I understand my jewellery: objects that transcend borders and that remind their beholders, whenever they interact with them, that there is so much more to discover outside of the boundaries of our everyday perceptions of reality.